4319 Roan Creek Road Lobelville, TN
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Welcome to Roaming Roan, a family-owned lavender farm located in the charming town of Lobelville, Tennessee. We’re delighted to have you here and to share our passion for lavender with you.


4319 Roan Creek Road Lobelville, TN
(931) 538-1955

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Our Journey
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Tech Entrepreneurs Turn Lavender Farmers 

Hello! We are Elizabeth and Adam Bell, and have been happily married for over 25 years. Our daughters are now grown, and our successful yet demanding tech business keeps us occupied daily. However, it was the very demands of our urban lifestyle that became the catalyst for our farming journey. 

Amid the fast-paced and demanding nature of our lives as entrepreneurs, we realized we were gradually losing touch with our well-being. The constant hustle and bustle of the city started taking its toll, leaving us longing for a sense of peace and connection with nature. Determined to find solace and create a serene haven away from the chaos, we embarked on a mission to embrace a simpler life—one that would allow us to reconnect with the beauty of the natural world. 

And so, Roaming Roan Lavender Farm came into being. Nestled in the heart of the Tennessee countryside, this idyllic sanctuary has become our haven, where we can immerse ourselves in the tranquility of lavender farm life and truly appreciate the breathtaking beauty of God’s creations. Here, amidst rolling hills and the gentle hum of bees, we found solace and a renewed sense of peace. 

Our decision to document our transformative journey stems from a deep desire to share our experience with others. We invite you to join us as we endeavor in the trials and triumphs of our transition from tech entrepreneurs to lavender farmers. Through our blog, we hope to inspire and encourage those seeking a similar path—a path that leads to a more balanced and fulfilling way of life. 

At Roaming Roan Lavender Farm, we have dedicated ourselves to cultivating the highest quality lavender. We nurture our lavender fields with meticulous care and attention, ensuring that each plant flourishes and embodies the essence of natural beauty. Lavender, with its soothing aroma and therapeutic properties, has become the cornerstone of our farm. Every aspect of this remarkable plant deserves special appreciation, from the vibrant purple hues of the lavender blossoms to the aromatic oils extracted from them. 

In addition to sharing our farming experiences, we aim to create a community that appreciates and cherishes the power of lavender. Through our blog, we will delve into the history and versatility of this remarkable plant, offering insights into its myriad uses. We will explore the art of lavender-infused products, from soaps and candles to lotions and culinary delights. Our journey will take us on a quest to discover the limitless possibilities of lavender and share this knowledge with you. 

Join us on this remarkable journey as we embrace the simplicity of farm life, surrounded by stunning vistas and fragrant fields of lavender. Experience the joy of witnessing nature’s beauty unfold before you and savor the peace that comes with reconnecting to a simpler life. Together, let us celebrate the transformation that occurs when technology and entrepreneurship converge with the timeless allure of the natural world. 

The words of Isaiah 26:12, “Lord, you establish peace for us: all that we have accomplished you have done for us.” perfectly reflect what we believe. We believe that our journey to Roaming Roan Lavender Farm is a testament to the peace that can be found when we align our lives with the rhythm of nature. So, thank you for joining us as we begin this extraordinary time together. 

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